How to pack your Hazeltree Magic Skirt

Traveling ? Here are some tips on packing

Hazeltree Magic skirts and Swit-Chit dresses and tops are great for taking away on a holiday, they take up bugger all space and you get more than one outfit from them. 
For skirts you would fold the waist band in half about 4 times but the skirt still remains full lengt
Next roll from the waistband to the hem, rolling keeps the wrinkles to a minimum. 
For Swit-chit dresses or top fold in half so the straps are together, roll to the hem, rolling will keep the wrinkles to a minimum.
On arrival at your destination, unroll you clothing and hang if possible.  If the skirt or dress is looking a bit worse for wear you can hang it in the bathroom and the steam from the shower or bath will help any wrinkles come out.

Enjoy confusing your fellow travellers by keeping them guessing on how many outfits you brought along with you.